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Nevada News Blurbs

While Battle ‘10 is waiting for comment on a working senate story about the ground game in Nevada, here are some blips and blurbs:


  • Is Angle surging or not? Hotline takes a look.

  • CNN did a nice side-by-side video piece on Angle and Reid.

  • The DSCC has made a large ad buy starting next Tuesday through the election to help Harry Reid with his reelection bid.

  • A new political show asks the NV GOP chief what he thinks of Angle’s opinion that the party has lost its way.

  • A real life example of how divisive Republican infighting in Nevada has gotten.

  • Reno News & Review endorses Harry Reid.

  • So does the alternative weekly Las Vegas CityLife.

  • The Mesquite, NV reporter who got Angle’s now infamous Sharia law remarks on tape wrote a delightfully modest piece about his sudden leap into the limelight.

  • A 527 said they are going to follow up on a previous allegation against Reid with a Senate ethics complaint.

  • The same 527 has been accused of coordinating with the Angle campaign.

  • This race has gotten really hateful


  • The conservative American Action Network is going to pour some money into NV-3. That should help Joe Heck.

  • Dina Titus mentioned the need for PAYGO during the debate last night, but the Dems don’t exactly have a great record on it.


  • Rory Reid, the man with many plans, has another one.

  • Judging by the latest Rasmussen poll that shows Sandoval beating Reid 55-40, the son of the majority leader should start planning for what he’s going to do after the election.

  • PPP has the race at 52-43.

  • The Republican Governors Assocation isn’t taking any chances and has a new positive mail piece for Sandoval.


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