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  • Live coverage of the Reno Tea Party Express kickoff can be viewed here, compliments of Liberty.com. Sarah Palin will appear later in the morning.

  • Apparently Harry Reid missed the umpteen pundit opinions that said Angle won that debate last week.

  • Senator John Cornyn predicts Sharron Angle will win. Or, as Politico headlined it, that Reid will lose.

  • As we crunch turnout numbers, it’s good to compare them to total active voter rolls in the state. Note the high number of non-partisan voters (175,094) which equal nearly 16 percent of registered voters in the state.

  • Speaking of numbers, Angle and Reid are tied for cash on hand. Not so in other races, where GOP senate candidates have about $16 million more than their Democratic counterparts.

  • The Las Vegas Review-Journal profiles both Angle and Reid.

  • The New Yorker’s Nicholas Lemann does a nice job looking at the nation’s biggest Senate race.


  • NV-3 has been moved into the 12 hottest House races list by Politico.

  • Dina Titus and Joe Heck will debate one last time this Wednesday evening on Jon Ralston’s statewide television program Face to Face.


  • As expected, the LVRJ endorses frontrunner Brian Sandoval for governor.


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