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New Ads in Alaska

Republican senate candidate Joe Miller released a new ad today that uses footage of Sen. Lisa Murkowski saying, “Yes, we can” to depict her as promoting President Obama’s policies.

The ad, which also includes clips of Obama saying the phrase, mentions “Wall Street Bailouts” and “Cap and Trade,” and tells Alaskans “Don’t be fooled again.”

The Murkowski campaign released a new ad yesterday that paints Miller as out-of-touch with America. “Joe Miller’s answer to freedom of the press: arrest the journalists,” says the narrator. “Joe Miller’s answer to illegal immigration: use East Germany as an example.”

“Exactly what kind of America does Joe Miller live in?” asks the narrator, as clips of a Miller campaign Hummer and gun-touting Miller supporters marching are aired. “Time for a return to common sense. Time to return Lisa Murkowski to Washington,” the narrator finishes.  

Democrat Scott McAdams will also be getting an ad boost from the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, which will be spending $165,000 on ads supporting McAdams in the last days before the election, Politico reports.

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