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New Alaska Poll Gives Murkowski Lead

A poll conducted by Dittman Research shows Sen. Lisa Murkowski with a 10-point lead over Republican senate candidate Joe Miller, 37 percent to 27 percent. Democrat Scott McAdams finishes last at 23 percent. Thirteen percent of voters support another candidate or are unsure.

The Dittman Research polls, however, have consistently shown Murkowski in the lead, with 36 percent to 38 percent of the vote from late August/early September until now. Miller’s support, which has ranged from 26 percent to 32 percent, has always placed him in second.

Those results differ dramatically from other polls done in the same period, which showed Miller ahead by a point or two.

The poll operates by first asking respondees to name their candidate of choice, reports National Journal’s Hotline on Call. If they are unable to name the candidate, they are then read the list of candidates, including the “write-in” option. If they choose the write-in option, they must then state Murkowski’s name.

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