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New O’Donnell Ad: “I didn’t go to Yale.”

Republican senate candidate Christine O’Donnell continues the “I’m you” theme of her first general election ad in her new ad released today.

It’s an ad that emphasizes O’Donnell’s ordinary background and strives to paint Democrat candidate Chris Coons as an elitist. “I didn’t go to Yale,” says O’Donnell. “I didn’t inherit millions like my opponent. I’m you.”

“I know how tough it is to make a dollar,” she adds.

O’Donnell also argues that her triumph in the competitive GOP primary, where she beat long-time Delaware congressman Mike Castle, proves she’ll fight for Delaware if elected. “When some tried to push me from this race they saw what I was made of and so will the Senate if they try to increase our taxes one more dime,” she says.

O’Donnell has raised $2.5 million since she won the primary.

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