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Obama’s Approval Rating Hits New Low

Gallup reports that President Obama’s approval rating has hit a new low:

Latest Gallup numbers also show that on the first day of his 22nd month in office, for the first time more Americans view Obama unfavorably than favorably, 50% to 47%, his lowest favorable rating yet.

His highest favorable rating was just before he took office, 78%. Since then it’s been a plummet of 31 points.

According to Gallup’s results,  39% of Americans now believe Obama deserves a second term.

Unfortunately for him, 54% believe he does not deserve a second chance at change.

That 54% against a second term is almost 2 points higher than the popular vote total Obama amassed in the 2008 election.

At this point in the second year of George W. Bush’s presidency, 62% thought he deserved a second term after only 48% voted for him in 2000.


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