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Ohio Gubernatorial Debate – Last Questions and Closing Statements

8:42 – Question 9 for Kasich: What to do about gambling?

8:42 – Kasich says he’s the first candidate to take no position on gambling. Says people have to be careful about cracking down on it because people need to spend money in Ohio. Says Ohio’s losing revenue from casinos because the state doesn’t get its fair share of revenue. But says he will design a program that will protect families and also provide resources to state of Ohio.

8:44 – Strickland says the people voted to establish casinos, and that was the will of the people, but it wasn’t something he supported. “Our responsibility right now is to make sure that gambling is done in a way that protects local communities. Says Ohio does have budget problems, and while he’s been an opponent of gambling and doesn’t think it’s a good economic policy, he thought it was fine to let certain types of gambling to come through. “Whoever the next governor is will have the responsibility of making sure that whoever oversees this casinos does the right job.”

8:45 – Kasich agrees with Strickland. A rare moment of consensus between the candidates.

8:46 – Question 10 for Ted Strickland: Why would Ohioans be better off with Yvette McGee Brown than with Mary Taylor as Governor (Lieutentant Gubernatorial candidates)?

8:46 – Strickland says his running mate was the daughter of a teenage single mom. I hear echoes of Sonia Sotomayor. Even talks about his running mate’s record on the courts. Shifts to her record at a children’s hospital as a grassroots advocate for abused children. Says the organization had a $30 million/year budget with 400 people. Fairly impressive at the entrepreneurial level.

8:47 – Kasich says he’s “thrilled” that Mary Taylor was his running mate. Talks about how Taylor was a CPA for 16 years, and hits her business experience. Her story is less compelling than Strickland’s running mate, but Kasich is making a good point about how Taylor turned down Republicans on tax increases even after they stripped her of her committee assignment. That sort of anti-establishment sentiment is going to make Taylor look good, as is her record as state auditor. Kasich is being very positive, even about STrickladn’s running mate.

8:49 – Strickland says they’re fortunate to both have talented women as running mates. Then hits Taylor for wanting to be an outsourcer because she apparently thinks it’s a good idea to avoid taxes. She’s a CPA – of course it’s a good idea. That was just pointless.

8:50 – Closing statements begin. Strickland goes first. “Thanks for giving me the privilege of serving for the last four years.” It sounds like a farewell speech. Talks about how he bought a flag with Hebrew scripture on it from the book of Micah. Then misquotes the scripture in question. Yeah. It’s do justly, love mercy and walk humbly. He says “love kindness.” Odd mistake to make. Still, it’s a fairly good summation of his performance – lots of care, little specifics.

8:51 – Kasich’s closing statement. “You have to ask yourself a question – are we better off today than we were four years ago when Strickland took office? Look, I’m not even running against Ted Strickland. I want to make Ohio better.” Sounding both empathetic and steeled for a fight. This is almost the reverse of the beginning of the debate. Kasich sounds much better now that we’ve had the entire debate. Talks about what his mother said – kind of a rehash from the last debate, but not terrible. “Ohio will be greatest state in America. My goal is to make Ohio in the top ten of places where people and businesses want to come.”


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