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Patriot Majority PAC Goes After Angle on Abortion

Patriot Majority PAC has circled back around to the rape/incest/abortion issue in order to paint Sharron Angle as “too dangerous to have real power over real people”:


The ad refers to an interview earlier this year in which Angle told conservative radio host Alan Stock that she would counsel a (hypothetical) teen, raped and impregnated by her father, to keep the baby. Here are her remarks in their original context, when asked the question, “Where do you stand on the issue of abortion, a consensual abortion, from a person who is raped or is pregnant as a result of incest?”

Well, right now our law permits that. My own personal feelings, and that is always what I express, my personal feeling is that we need to err on the side of life.

There is a plan and a purpose, a value to every life no matter what its location, age, gender, or disability. So whenever we talk about government and government’s role, government’s role is to protect life, and that’s what our Founding Fathers said, that we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

When asked about what she would say to the hypothetical young girl, she said:

I think that two wrongs don’t make a right. And I have been in the situation of counseling young girls, not 13 but 15, who have had very at-risk, difficult pregnancies. And my counsel was to look for some alternatives, which they did. And they found that they had made what was really a lemon situation into lemonade. Well, one girl in particular moved in with the adoptive parents of her child, and they both were adopted. Both of them grew up—one graduated from high school, the other had parents that loved her and she also graduated from high school. And I’ll tell you, the little girl who was born from that very poor situation came to me when she was 13 and said, “I know what you did. Thank you for saving my life.” So it is meaningful to me to err on the side of life.


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