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Raese Picks Up Charleston Daily Mail Endorsement

The Charleston Daily Mail endorsed GOP senate candidate John Raese today, arguing that his conservatism was what Washington needed.

“From the bailouts of GM and Chrysler to the $787 billion stimulus, Democrats have arrogantly rejected public opinion to pursue one failed policy after another. In the middle of the worst recession in decades, Democrats used their majority to enact a trillion-dollar new entitlement program — Obamacare,” wrote the Daily Mail.

Noting the national debt and the federal government’s budget deficits, the editorial concluded that “Raese would oppose more of this foolishness and push to get the nation back on the right track.”

And while the Daily Mail praised Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin’s tenure as governor, they questioned the sincerity of his promises to lean right on certain policies.

“Leading Democrats have made it clear that if Manchin were sent to Washington, he would be expected to function as part of the team. Earlier this month, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Democratic members that it was fine to distance themselves from the leadership on the campaign trail. ‘Go for it,’ she said. ‘Just win your election,’” the editorial observed, nothing that current West Virginia senator Jay Rockefeller had expressed a similar sentiment.

“Voters aren’t sure what they are hearing from Manchin — tactics or conviction,” wrote the Daily Mail.

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