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Reid Ad Duplicitous on Foreign Investment

The Harry Reid campaign continues to do what it can to convince Nevada voters the majority leader has done all he can to create jobs in Nevada, and that Sharron Angle would not do the same for them if elected. This new ad focuses on the results of stimulus spending in the area of green energy and accuses Angle of favoring tax policies that would send jobs overseas:


The 1,300 jobs and 25 geothermal projects referenced in this Reid ad are real, but they are a drop in the proverbial bucket compared to the nearly 200,000 Nevada workers who still remain unemployed. In the area of green jobs, the stimulus bill did far less than was hoped or intended both in Nevada and nationally.


It is also hypocritical for Reid to accuse Angle of supporting measures that aid foreign companies, because he championed a law that did the same.


Legislative loopholes in the badly written stimulus bill allowed a substantial portion of green jobs money to flow to overseas companies, as reported by ABC News and the Investigative Reporting Workshop back in February. Roughly 80 percent of the first $2 billion in wind energy grants went to foreign-owned companies, and $577 million went to a Spanish utility company with a subsidiary operating in the United States.


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