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A Repubilcan Tide? Try a Tsunami

As the midterm elections approach, “early results are promising,” reports the National Republican Congressional Committtee. In a new memo, the NRCC reports that “Republican turnout in early voting is nearly universally above registration levels, proving that the intensity gap that Democrats fear is in fact real. In toss-up races like New Jersey’s Third District, New Mexico’s First District, North Carolina’s Seventh District, and Colorado’s Third District, early Republican enthusiasm foretells a painful election night for Democrats.” This prediction seems especially sound in light of the increased funding that has attended the high level of enthusiasm on the right.

“The national environment has presented the extraordinary opportunity for Republicans to capture the majority, but the NRCC’s record-setting fundraising has allowed us to capitalize and remain on offense. The NRCC raised $11.2 million in September 2010 alone – its best fundraising month since 2006. We followed that effort by outraising the DCCC once again in the first half of October. While the NRCC is successfully executing a plan to spend $54 million in approximately 90 races, Republican candidates are turning in stellar fundraising performances as well.” With any luck, this will translate into quite a thumpin’ for the champions of our big-government malaise.


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