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Suffolk Poll has Reid Beating Angle 46-43, Ashjian and None Pulling Six

A new Suffolk full-ballot survey has Harry Reid beating Sharron Angle 46-43 percent with four percent going to “None of these candidates” and two percent going to Tea Party of Nevada candidate Scott Ashjian. Three percent were undecided.

Once again, it is clear that the combined numbers for Ashjian and “none” are a big factor in these polls. If Ashjian’s two percent went to Angle along with half the votes for “none,” this survey would have the candidates tied.

The Suffolk survey tried to determine what kind of credibility Ashjian’s name has as a tea party candidate.

Pollsters told respondents that the Tea Party Express had released an ad calling Scott Ashjian a fraud and saying he is only in the Senate race to split the Tea Party vote between himself and Sharon Angle so that Harry Reid wins. Pollsters then asked, “Do you believe Scott Ashjian is a true Tea Party candidate, or is he only in the race to help Harry Reid?”

Twenty-six percent said Ashjian is a Tea Party candidate, while 28 percent said he was in the race to help Reid, and 46 percent were undecided.

When asked whether Angle or Ashjian better represents the Tea Party message and ideology, 45 percent said Angle, 13 percent said Ashjian, and 42 percent were undecided.


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