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Tom Corbett Stumps with Chris Christie for Columbus Day

Tom Corbett came to Central Pennsylvania today to stump with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at the Lycoming County Victory Center in Williamsport. Battle ‘10 was there, and has video of Corbett’s remarks below. Corbett and Christie, both former U.S. attorneys, have forged a friendship that they’re bringing with them on the campaign trail as Christie goes to bat for like-minded political allies.

“Can you imagine what we can accomplish in Pennsylvania and New Jersey,” Corbett recounted musing to Christie, “having two former prosecutors now as governors going after special interests, making sure that money is spent for you, the taxpayer, and not the special interests.”

Corbett leads his opponent, Democrat Dan Onorato, but double digits according to recent polls.

0:15 – Spending, debt, and status quo politics

1:00 – Education Reform

1:40 – “25 percent of children born, raised, and educated in Pennsylvania leave to find opportunity elsewhere”

1:50 – Corbett’s vision for Pennsylvania

2:05 – Harrisburg lacks real leadership, meaning one who will cut spending, cut taxes, take on special interests, and provide economic climate for job growth

2:45 – Speaks to Chris Christie’s strengths

3:40 – Slams Rendell for higher unemployment, spending, taxes, etc.

4:15 – Cites experience in making tough decisions as Attorney General, and lauds Christie’s experience as governor as evidence of ability to deliver reform

5:00 – Introduction of Christie Christie

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