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Video Recap: Biden, Sestak, Onorato, Nutter in Philadelphia to ‘Move America Forward’

President Obama visited Philadelphia this evening for the second of four “Moving America Forward” rallies across the country in an effort to energize a Democrat base widely seen as less enthusiastic than right-leaning Tea Partiers and Independents. Battle ‘10 was there for the rally.

The event represented the biggest effort so far to unite Democrat candidates in Pennsylvania. Congressman Bob Brady (D-1st) remarked that it was the first time in Philadelphia’s history that both the president and vice president appeared together at a rally.

President Obama spoke for nearly 30 minutes, while all others limited their remarks to a few minutes. Among the speakers were Senate hopeful Joe Sestak, gubernatorial hopeful Dan Onorato, and Vice President Joe Biden.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter also appeared briefly, but was roundly booed by the crowd of more than 10,000.

Vice President Joe Biden denounced George W. Bush’s policies, which he said represented eight years of “unregulated greed” and “skyrocketing deficits.”

Michael Nutter, Philadelphia mayor, appeared for less than a minute and was not well received. Mayor Nutter has been accused of being “not black enough” for the city, among other things.

Joe Sestak proved once again that he is “all in” with President Obama despite the president’s widespread unpopularity across the commonwealth.

Dan Onorato deployed some of his boilerplate stump remarks, adding that attendees “owed it” to the young and the president to continue supporting the Democrat agenda.

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