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What an Enthusiasm Gap Looks Like

We’ve heard a lot this cycle about the Democrat “enthusiasm gap”. Democrats and liberals simply aren’t as motivated to make it to the polls on Nov. 2, we hear from almost every corner.

Now, voters in the 7th district are seeing it with their own eyes:

Jim Schneller, the conservative independent candidate in the 7th Congressional District race, squared off with Democratic candidate state Rep. Bryan Lentz, D-161, of Swarthmore, during a debate Thursday night.

Missing from the equation was Republican candidate Pat Meehan, a former U.S. attorney and Delaware County district attorney. Meehan declined to attend the debate because Schneller was invited.

About 25 people attended the forum, which was held at Delaware County Community College. [emphasis added]

Granted, you’ll draw fewer people when you hold a sham debate, like this one looks to have been, but League of Women Voters, which sponsored the night, isn’t exactly a minor group either.

Schneller, you’ll recall, is an independent candidate and former “birther” who got onto the ballot thanks to support from Democrat Bryan Lentz’s campaign staff. The idea was to split the conservative vote.

Polls vary, with Meehan generally holding a slim lead.


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