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Who is the Republican Party? The Denver GOP Has the Answer

Denver Republicans want others to know–they’re not alone:

You look over in the line at the grocery store and smile at a neighbor and start to chat . . . You talk to your daughter’s soccer coach at the ice cream party after the game . . . You are having a dinner party and strike up a conversation with the woman across the table . . . All of a sudden you realize . . . the person you’re talking to is one of us . . .

The county debuted the facesofthegop.com site Wednesday, and launched the video “I am a Republican”:

The Denver Post’s Lynn Bartels quipped:

I don’t know about you but I sit up and take notice when someone says he’s a “gay-marriage supporting, football loathing, David Sedaris reading” Republican. […]

The video is the brainchild of Kelly Maher, the blogger behind WhoSaidYouSaid, and Ryan Call, the Denver GOP chair, who were talking about how to break people’s preconceived notions about Republicans.


In the video Republicans talk about a variety of topics: their dogs, their roses, even a Democratic partner.

“When I’m sitting in a pedicure chair and three of my girlfriends are saying, ‘Oh my god, you’re a Republican?’ it’s time to change people’s perceptions,” said Maher, 27.

Bartels points to the 47,000 registered Republicans in the county–”enough to make a difference in a close race.” The Denver GOP is reaching beyond that group, however, to the more than 81,000 independents in the county, many of whom they feel are up for grabs this election cycle.


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