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Florida Governor’s Race Down to the Wire

The nail-biter in Florida is, as expected, the governor’s race. Hundreds of Rick Scott supporters are patiently waiting in a courtyard at the Ft. Lauderdale Hilton while precincts continue to come in.

Scott is currently ahead by about 3 percent, the campaign says, but the biggest areas left uncounted are the populous southern counties that typically lean Democratic. Palm Beach County, specifically, is slow to report. Supporters occupy themselves with dance, music, food, and drink, while Scott occasionally waves from the overlooking hotel suite that serves as his war room.

A Scott win would be big in that Republicans would control all major state government bodies — both the state house and senate, the governor’s mansion, and all elected state cabinet positions.

Scott’s campaign seems confident.

This, though, from the Florida Democratic party: “The race is razor tight and over 1,200 precincts have not been reported. We are confident that once all of the votes have been counted Alex Sink will be the next Governor of Florida.”

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