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Sestak Endorsed by RFK, Jr.

How did we miss this? RFK, Jr., son of the late Robert F. Kennedy, has endorsed Joe Sestak, hailing him for his “common sense approach” to politics:


“Foremost among the questions facing Pennsylvania is the debate over how to develop Marcellus Shale resources,” Kennedy wrote in a letter of support.  “As a lifelong environmental attorney and advocate, I have been following the discussion on this issue with great interest.”Kennedy said Sestak’s opponent, former congressman Pat Toomey, would “throw caution to the wind,” and allowing gas companies to “trample infrastructure, pollute the environment, and risk the health and safety of many who live near Shale deposits.”

“Joe Sestak would take a measured, practical approach,” Kennedy said. “He would support commonsense regulations designed to keep Pennsylvanians safe, protect the environment, and at the same time maximize the potential of Marcellus Shale development to create jobs.”

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