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Sharron Angle: I Have Lots of Options

Sharron Angle is by no means done with politics. So she told a crowd of 70 conservative grassroots activists during a surprise visit to a monthly Republican town hall meeting Wednesday evening in Las Vegas.

“I have a lot of options,” said Angle. “I am looking at these options. I can’t stop.”

When the crowd welcomed her with a standing ovation and loud cheers, Angle’s eyes filled with tears. She expressed her gratitude to the small group in a voice filled with emotion.

“Thank you so much,” said Angle quietly. “That means so much to me.”

Angle talked very little about the election, instead focusing on the legislative sessions coming up both in D.C. and Carson City. She reiterated that repeal of health care reform bill and extension of tax cuts should be top priorities.

She also specifically addressed redistricting in Nevada and talked about strategies for avoiding excessive gerrymandering.

“We need to have square districts,” said Angle, referring to (and disapproving of) the strategic spoking of districts into urban areas which tends to benefit Democrats and prevent rural, conservative state legislators from being elected.

When asked if she may consider running for Rep. Dean Heller’s NV-2 seat should the congressman opt to challenge John Ensign — either in the primaries or in the case of an Ensign indictment and/or resignation — Angle would neither confirm nor deny.

Whatever her next run at elected office may be, Angle made it clear during conversations with attendees and event organizers later in the evening that she will continue to work to help Republicans around the state in the months to come. She offered advice on citizen lobbying, grassroots organizing and party precinct leadership, saying she would gladly provide training and help as needed.

Angle’s loss to Harry Reid was her third electoral loss in five years. She previously ran for the state Senate as well as the U.S. House, a race in which she lost her primary bid against Dean Heller by just 421 votes. 

The hotly contested Senate race likely earned Angle some new supporters. It may also have harmed her ability to be elected in a statewide race. The “extreme” label pinned on her by the Harry Reid campaign is a modifier many independents and even some Republicans echoed, some of them in endorsements of the majority leader over Angle.

An Associated Press analysis of exit poll results from the election revealed Angle’s base was bolstered primarily by white men, seniors, and rural voters. This might work just fine for her in the mostly rural NV-but could pose a problem if she chose to make a run at Ensign’s senate seat.


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