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  • Though the GOP will hold the governor’s mansion and supermajorities in both chambers of the state legislature, the Miami Herald reports that policy differences among leaders of the two branches will ensure that Governor-elect Rick Scott’s campaign promises will be strongly debated.


  • The last high-profile item on Gov. Charlie Crist’s to-do list: consider posthumously pardoning Jim Morrison, front-man for The Doors, who was convicted of indecent exposure for actions during a Miami concert in 1969.


  • Despite their support for strong immigration policy, exit polls show both Marco Rubio and Governor-elect Rick Scott won the Hispanic vote. “Immigration is not a core issue for Florida Hispanics,” a strategist told the Miami Herald.

  • The Congressional Black Caucus, which is notorious for its left-leaning stances, will welcome newly elected black Republicans, should they wish to join. Congressman-elect Allen West, who beat out Rep. Ron Klein in the 22nd district, appears set to take them up on the offer.


  • A South Florida website is also reporting that West has named his chief of staff — Joyce Kaufman, a talk-radio host who interviewed and supported West during his campaign.

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