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Watch Marco Rubio Cast His Ballot

Marco Rubio cast his ballot this morning at his local precinct surrounded by approximately 30 reporters and cameramen who followed his every move — even swarming the former statehouse speaker’s pickup truck for one last shot before Rubio drove off.

It’s a star power that Rubio will just have to get used to.

Less than three months ago, Rubio cast his ballot in the Aug. 24 primary, and not even half that number of cameras were present. But it was a different picture then. The primary was uncontested, since Charlie Crist had defected from the GOP in April, and general-election polls showed Crist and Rubio locked in a tight battle, nearly dead even.

Today, Rubio’s lead is as large as 17 points. Most pundits expect not only that Rubio will soundly win the election, but that he will become a key figure in the GOP during the years to come.

If so, this is where it begins — at a church on a quiet street in West Miami, with the ballot of one, Marco Rubio.


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