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Will Sestak’s Seat Turn Red?

Joe Sestak was elected to congress in 2006 partly thanks to disenchantment with the Republican Party. Pat Meehan could soon be elected to congress in 2010 thanks to disenchantment with Democrats. This open 7th district seat remains one of the most watched Pennsylvania congressional races.

Larry Sabato has moved the race from “Toss Up” to “Lean Republican,” while Stu Rothenberg has moved the contest to “Tilt Republican” from “Pure Toss Up.” Nate Silver at the New York Times, meanwhile, is putting Pat Meehan’s chance of securing the seat at nearly three quarters, projecting a 51-46 percent race in favor of Meehan.

Battle ‘10 last featured Pat Meehan’s fiery stump speech in King of Prussia earlier this week: