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Yes We Can — Use Your Help!

‘Marco Rubio easily won election,” I’ve read. Marco Rubio was a handpicked Republican-establishment candidate adopted by the tea party, I’ve heard. Marco Rubio did, in fact, win an impressive 49 percent of Florida voters in the three-way Senate race. But that was a hard-won victory. The truth is, of course, that Marco Rubio was not the Republican establishment pick.

Back in the cold winter of 2009, Washington Republican after Washington Republican shrugged their shoulders and stated what they had decided was a fact: Governor Charlie Crist was the inevitable Republican nominee. Inevitable was the word, used again and again. Marco Rubio would be great, but maybe some other time. Regardless, we put him on the cover of National Review a whole year before the Republican primary there and said, “Yes He Can.” And so he did.

But it was a long, ugly fight. One in which, in the primary, Rubio’s resources — going it alone, without Republican-party support — did not compare to Crist’s (it was Crist who was the establishment pick). Marco Rubio won because he earned it. In online fundraising — with a little help from an inspiring YouTube — and old-fashioned hard work. He eventually made the establishment choose him. Thankfully.

And despite the rewriting of history we’ve seen and heard in recent days, someone in Miami remembered how it really went down. This appeared in the New York Times this week, an image from Rubio’s victory party last Tuesday night:

Here at National Review, we keep an ear to on the ground. We highlight good people. We encourage their better instincts.

We’re having this fundraising drive now, because, frankly, we need the money. Most everyone reading this, I suspect, has had some hard financial times lately. And most of us haven’t been bailed out. Most everyone reading this reads National Review Online for more than this fundraising pitch. Maybe you’ve benefited from some information we’ve relayed. Maybe you’ve laughed at Jonah Goldberg’s jokes. Maybe you’ve campaigned for more Star Trek references. Maybe you’ve been bucked up by Victor Davis Hanson’s perspective in election after election now. Maybe you’ve been inspired to get involved in a campaign. Maybe you’ve felt part of a team, or even a family. Maybe for this, or other reasons, you’ll consider contributing to our Fall 2010 fundraising drive.

I know that many of you were generous to campaigns this season. I know that the holidays are coming up. But please know that National Review Online will be working. The staff here and writers — many of whom write for nothing, or next to — will be at it, as ever. Working to counter the conventional wisdom. Working to highlight good people and encourage them. You deserve the best in analysis and news and reporting. We’d like to be able to bring it all to your computers and mobile devices at www.nationalreview.com.

Please consider giving to National Review Online today so that we can do exactly that, every day, 24/7. We’ll be looking for the next Marco Rubios, we’ll be encouraging them while in office, we’ll be telling you what you won’t read in the New York Times. We’ll have you in mind, because we can’t exist without you and we want to bring you the very best we can. You may disagree with a writer from time to time. You may want to see more of a particular writer from time to time. But I hope you know we do our best daily to bring you the truth, and have an honest debate about issues that divide even conservatives.

The midterm election of 2010 has passed, but the hard work of governing and keeping the governors and senators and congressmen honest has begun. We’ll be working with them. We’ll be watching them. We’ll be supporting them as warranted and calling them back to their principles as warranted. And I know you’ll be right here with us. Please help us bring you the best news and analysis — text, audio, and video.

We have a comprehensive health-care plan to repeal. We have other comprehensive plans to stop. We need to encourage those who would say “Hell, no.” We need to disseminate ideas and help find the best people, for statehouses and the White House and every elected office in between. We need to highlight the best in culture.

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