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Cino, Wagner Backed Pro-Choice Republicans

Maria Cino has taken heat for her donations to WISH List, a pro-choice Republican group. But she’s not the only one who backed pro-choice Republicans. In 2002, Ann Wagner, then co-chair of the Republican National Committee, defended its decision to appoint Lewis Eisenberg as its national finance chairman. Eisenberg founded the pro-choice Republican Leadership Council.

Despite strong opposition from pro-life groups, Wagner told the Washington Times that “We’re grateful Mr. Eisenberg is willing to serve.” She added, “He has a long history of raising money for Republicans across the ideological spectrum, from Bob Dole and George Bush to George Pataki and Christie Todd Whitman.”

In the end, both Cino and Wagner are pro-life. But they’re comfortable supporting pro-choice Republicans for certain positions, whether those are blue-state Senate seats or RNC finance gigs. 


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