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Committeeman Denies Rumor that Priebus Fed Cino Votes

Solomon Yue, RNC committeeman from Oregon, says his effort to dislodge Steele is going “very well.” Now that Steele has lost 7 votes between the first and second ballots, Yue says the Chairman will begin hemorrhaging support. (Steele walked by us as we were talking and told a reporter, “so far so good.”) Yue would not disclose who he is supporting.

Still, Yue denies a rumor making the rounds that Priebus would give Cino 15 votes in the first ballot in an effort to knock out Ann Wagner. Yue says he went to Jim Bopp, a supporter of Priebus, a day or two ago to ask if the rumor were true. Bopp told him it wasn’t. And now that Cino has lost two votes since the first ballot, Yue thinks the evidence supports his interpretation.


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