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Former RNC Fundraisers Ask for New Leader

To add to Michael Steele’s woes, six former fundraisers for the Republican National Committee sent an e-mail to members today asking for new leadership. “There have been well documented reports (some confirmed by the undersigned) of fiscal mismanagement and wasteful spending,” the authors wrote. Although they declined to suggest an alternative, they insisted, “New leadership is the only way the Republican party will be successful in electing a Republican president in 2012.”

The authors were Howard Leach, former RNC Finance Chair from San Francisco, CA; Larry Bathgate, former RNC Finance Chair from Lakewood, NJ; Mel Sembler, former RNC Finance Chair, from St. Petersburg, FL; Sam Fox, former RNC Regents chair from St. Louis, Mo; Dwight Schar, former RNC Finance Chair from Washington, DC; and Al Hoffman, former RNC Finance Chair from North Palm Beach, Fl.


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