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Healy: RNC Renegotiates Loan Payments

Connecticut GOP chairman Chris Healy summarizes the RNC winter meeting’s first-day proceedings on his blog, “Make Blue Red.” RNC treasurer Randy Pullen has negotiated some relief from the $5 million note due at the end of next month. “Under the new agreement, that nut will be due February 29, 2012 but the committee will be on the hook for $375,000 in interest costs,” Healy writes. “The other two $5 million notes are due June 30, 2011 and June 30, 2012.”

Healy also says that the budget committee approved a $29 million budget for 2011, though not without some debate. Texas GOP chairman Steve Munistieri, for instance, wanted the chairman and co-chairman’s salaries to be cut “to reflect the reality of a lean year.” The committee rejected those proposed cuts but budget chairman Louis Pope, the committeeman from Maryland, said the chairman and political office’s budgets were reduced significantly. Read more here.

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