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Ideological Impurities

Behind the scenes — and, occasionally, out in the open — candidates’ supporters are attacking their rivals’ conservative bona fides. Here are the latest blows:

At RedState, pompadour reproaches Reince Priebus, chairman of the Wisconsin Republican party, for his handling of senator-elect Ron Johnson’s candidacy. Pompadour accuses Priebus of orchestrating Johnson’s win over other Tea Party candidates at the state convention. In particular, pompadour cites a sudden change in the convention’s rules: “The balloting for the Senate endorsement mysteriously got bumped to Sunday…when most delegates had already gone home.” Nonetheless, pompadour admits, “do I have black and white proof on this score[?] Nope. But it’s all a little too neat.” This criticism may explain Priebus’s constant invocation of the Tea Party at yesterday’s debate.

Saul Anuzis, meanwhile, may regret an op-ed he wrote for the Wall Street Journal in 2008. Then chairman of the Michigan GOP, Anuzis argued that the auto bailout was “an opportunity for leadership.” Along with a “cash infusion,” deregulation would save the Big Three, he reasoned. Although conservatives might agree with Anuzis that Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards are harmful, they might not be as sanguine about the bailout, which is precisely why his opponents are reminding us of the op-ed.

Finally, Maria Cino continues to face questions about her donations to Wish List, a pro-choice Republican group. Cino has her defenders, but observers continue to raise concerns. Expect more endorsements from Cino’s team touting her social conservatism.


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