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Kerry Speaks

Sen. John Kerry talked back to a hostile Al Jazeera interviewer asking about the United States’ lukewarm response to the events in Egypt. He said: 

It’s our hope that president Mubarak will use this opportunity to work with those groups, to protect people’s rights, and ultimately to put into place an effective legislative process – that could take many forms… I think it’s much more constructive to talk not about what the negatives will be, but to focus on what the positives can be. It seems to me that young people have responded about what they want their future to be. And president Mubarak knows that his place in history will be written by how he responds. We have legislation raised in the Congress right now by individual members to change the aid programs. I don’t think there’s been a monolithic voice whatsoever. But the fact is there are a lot of interests in that region, a lot of things we’re working for. I would love to see the Arab world denouncing the Taliban excesses in Afghanistan and Pakistan. A lot of people should be speaking out. It doesn’t always happen that way because the world is a bit more complicated than that. We have been very clear that we want Egyptians’ human rights to be expected, and to resolve this.


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