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Latest RNC Chairman’s Race Tally

Updated 10:46 p.m. on 1/13/11

A committee member recently forwarded to RNC Watch an e-mail with Michael Steele’s full list of public endorsements. We’ve updated our tally to reflect these changes.


Linda Ackerman, California national committeewoman

Mark Amodei, Nevada party chairman

Henry Barbour, Mississippi national committeeman

Sandy Boehler, North Dakota national committeewoman

Jim Bopp, Indiana national committeeman

Pat Brady, Illinois party chairman

Mary Buestrin, Wisconsin national committeewoman

Donna Cain, Oregon national committeewoman

James Dunn, Oklahoma national committeeman

Luis Fortuño, Puerto Rico national committeeman

Sharon Giese, Arizona national committeewoman

Rob Gleason, Pennsylvania party chairman

Curly Haugland, North Dakota national committeeman

Betti Hill, Montana national committeewoman

Mike Hubbard, Alabama party chairman

Mark Hillman, Colorado national committeeman

Bruce Hough, Utah national committeeman

Lawrence Kadish, New York committeeman

Steve King, Wisconsin national committeeman

Steve Larrabee, Vermont party chairman

Kim Lehman, Iowa national committeewoman

Bob List, Nevada national committeeman

Jeanne Luckey, Mississippi national committeewoman

Wayne MacDonald, New Hampshire national committeeman

Carlos Mendez, Puerto Rico party chairman

Matt Pinnell, Oklahoma party chairman

Alec Poitevint, Georgia national committeeman

Reince Priebus, Wisconsin party chairman

Paul Reynolds, Alabama national committeeman

Pete Ricketts, Nebraska national committeeman

Tom Ross, Delaware party chairman

Greg Schaefer, Wyoming national committeeman

Steve Scheffler, Iowa national committeeman

Shawn Steel, California national committeeman

Stan Stein, North Dakota party chairman

Mike Stuart, West Virginia party chairman

Brian Sullivan, Minnesota national committeeman

John Sununu, New Hampshire party chairman

Tony Sutton, Minnesota party chairman

John Thrasher, Florida party chairman

Diana Vaughan, Wyoming party chairwoman

Brad White, Mississippi party chairman

Rich Williamson, Illinois national committeeman


Peter Ada, Guam national committeeman

William Deschamps, Montana party chairman

Jody Dow, Massachusetts national committeewoman

John Frey, Connecticut national committeeman

Errol Galt, Montana national committeeman

Miriam Hellreich, Hawaii national committeewoman

Holly Hughes, Michigan national committeewoman

Mary Jean Jensen, South Dakota national committeewoman

David Lewis, North Carolina committeeman

Alex Mooney, Maryland party chairman

Robert Kabel, District of Columbia party chairman

Pat Longo, Connecticut national committeewoman

Carol Mumford, Rhode Island national committeewoman

Lilly Nunez, Colorado national committeewoman

Lilliana Belardo de O’Neal, USVI committeewoman

Louis Pope, Maryland national committeeman

Holland Redfield, USVI national committeeman

Pat Rogers, New Mexico national committeeman

Herbert Schoenbohm, USVI party chairman

Norm Semanko, Idaho party chairman

Paul Senft, Florida national committeeman

Fredi Simpson, Washington national committeewoman,

Joyce Terhes, Maryland national committeewoman

Bob Tiernan, Oregon party chairman

Joseph Trillo, Rhode Island national committeeman

Damond Watkins, Idaho national committeeman

Charles Webster, Maine party chairman

Betsy Werronen, District of Columbia national committeewoman


Saul Anuzis, Michigan national committeeman

Morton Blackwell, Virginia national committeeman

Gio Cicione, Rhode Island party chairman

Bill Crocker, Texas national committeeman

Mark Fahleson, Nebraska party chairman

Karen Floyd, South Carolina party chairwoman

Chris Healy, Connecticut party chairman

Glenn McCall, South Carolina committeeman

Steve Munisteri, Texas party chairman

Jennifer Nassour, Massachusetts party chairwoman

Dana Randall, South Dakota national committeeman

George Schiavone, Vermont national committeeman

Matt Strawn, Iowa party chairman

Heidi Smith, Nevada national committeewoman

Borah Van Dormolen, Texas national committeewoman

Dick Wadhams, Colorado party chairman


Lance Beshore, Missouri national committeeman

David Cole, Missouri party chairman

Bettye Fine Collins, Alabama national committeewoman

Chris Devaney, Tennessee party chairman

Ann Dickinson, Missouri national committeewoman

Zori Fonalledas, Puerto Rico national committeewoman

Donna Lou Gosney, West Virginia national committeewoman

Peggy Lambert, Tennessee national committeewoman

Carolyn McLarty, Oklahoma national committeewoman

Jim Reed, West Virginia national committeeman

Randy Ruedrich, Alaska party chairman

Gail Russell, Kentucky national committeewoman

John Ryder, Tennessee national committeeman

Jan Staples, Maine national committeewoman

Ruth Ulrich, Louisiana national committeewoman


Evie Axdahl, Minnesota national committeewoman

Richard Bennett, Maine national committeeman

Ed Cox, New York party chairman

Jo Ann Davidson, Ohio national committeewoman

Kevin DeWine, Ohio party chairman

Ada Fisher, North Carolina national committeewoman

Dave Hansen, Utah party chairman

Enid Greene Mickelsen, Utah national committeewoman

Mike Pompeo, Kansas national committeeman

Priscilla Rakestraw, Delaware national committeewoman

Laird Stabler, Delaware national committeeman

Christine Toretti, Pennsylvania national committeewoman



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