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Maine GOP Chief Backs Steele — For Now

Charlie Webster, chairman of the Maine Republican party, tells RNC Watch he’s standing by Michael Steele — for now. “I’ve been chairman since 2009 and the RNC has been helpful to our efforts here,” says Webster. “And for that reason, I’m supporting him.” He notes the RNC didn’t give the Maine GOP much money but that it helped “in a number of ways.”

Still, Webster is considering other candidates for subsequent ballots. “I will support [Steele] through the first couple rounds at least,” he says. “What I’ll have to do is see who else is running. I may look elsewhere.” He’s met with all the other candidates and spoken with the Maine delegation — which, besides him, comprises committee members Richard Bennett and Jan Staples — to survey the options.

For now, though, Steele can count on Webster’s vote. “I’m the only delegate in Maine for Steele,” Webster says.


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