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Michael Reagan Endorses Priebus

As RNC Watch reported earlier, Michael Reagan, the son of the 40th president, has endorsed Reince Priebus for chairman of the RNC. “President Reagan believed in a strong and united Republican Party built from the bottom up — not the top down,” Reagan writes in a letter to members. “Reince embodies those same beliefs and values.” Read the full letter and listen to Reagan’s recording below.

Dear RNC Members:

Next week there is an important election that will determine the direction and, ultimately, the future of the Republican National Committee.  Your vote for Chairman is critical to the success of our Party and the conservative movement.

I encourage you to vote Reince Priebus for RNC Chairman.

The RNC’s future success is rooted in our past.  My father, President Ronald Reagan, believed in the power and the spirit of the American people.  The same held true for his belief in the Grand Old Party.  President Reagan believed in a strong and united Republican Party built from the bottom up – not the top down.   He strove to empower the millions strong to carry our message of limited government and personal responsibility to their friends and neighbors because that is how we win.   Reince embodies those same beliefs and values.

I personally traveled to Wisconsin during the election, and what I witnessed was simply incredible.  In a state that Barack Obama carried by 14 points, I saw firsthand a remarkable grassroots organization that helped flip the state from blue to red, and swept Republicans into office up and down the ballot.  Reince has proven his leadership skills, his conservative credentials and his ability to put together a grassroots victory program that will result in drawing more people into the Party and more Republicans into office.  And with the White House hanging in the balance and within reach, it is even more important to elect a fellow Member that is committed to growing the Republican Party from the ground up.

Just like my father, Reince knows that the salvation and the rebuilding of our Party lies in our grassroots activists.  Please support Reince for RNC Chairman.




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