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Mumford Defends Steele

Carol Mumford, the Republican national committeewoman from Rhode Island, tells RNC Watch she’s with Michael Steele until the end. When asked why she supports the embattled chairman, Mumford replies, “I’d like to repeat the same two words he used yesterday [at the debate]: We won.” Mumford cites Steele’s “Fire Pelosi” bus tour as a point in his favor. “I was wondering about [it],” she admits. “But he came to Rhode Island, and it appeared to work. . . . As far as I’m concerned, a good result should be rewarded.”

Mumford shrugs off criticism that Steele should have directed the money he sent to the territories toward congressional races: “We made astounding gains and to say that they could have been even better if we had not paid attention to the territories is, I think, a bit of a reach.” She also thinks there are more supporters of Steele than conventional wisdom estimates. As proof, she offers herself, who until now was undeclared. Just today she wrote a letter to the committee, encouraging members to grant Steele another term. “There are many others like me,” she notes.

Although Mumford has pledged to support Steele as long as he’s in the running, she thinks “the RNC is very fortunate in that all of our candidates are excellent.” Below is a copy of Mumford’s letter.


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