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Pompeo Endorses Cino

Congressman Mike Pompeo, the Republican national committeeman from Kansas, has endorsed Maria Cino for chair of the RNC. In a statement to members, Pompeo highlights Cino’s detailed campaign platform as a factor in her favor. “From being the first candidate to issue detailed plans for how she would address the Committee’s most pressing issues to the depth and detail of her answers at this week’s candidates’ debate, Maria has shown why I continue to hear from Members of the Committee that she is the best candidate,” Pompeo writes.

He also makes a note of his sympathy for current chairman Michael Steele: “Not only did he help me succeed in my race but he was a significant contributor to Republican successes all across the country–and I know he will continue to play an important role in our party in the years ahead,” Pompeo admits. “I have simply come to the judgment that the next two years call for a change at the helm of the RNC.”

His endorsement brings Cino’s total to ten votes.


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