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Priebus Releases 14-Day Action Plan

Reince Priebus has unveiled a 14-day action plan for the Republican National Committee. If elected chairman, Priebus will implement a number of reforms touching every aspect of the committee, from finance to communications. In addition, Priebus promises to include committee members more closely in decision-making. “As RNC chairman, I will be dedicated to a philosophy of working together as a team,” Priebus writes. “Our mission is too important for anyone in leadership to act alone or act to the exclusion of any gifted and talented person hungry to help us succeed at the ballot box.”

As expected, many of the reforms are financial. The budget committee, for instance, will receive “a review of the Chairman’s actions of calling and visiting with major donors.” Priebus vows to call 150 major donors himself. He also plans to inform vendors that “no contract is automatically extended” and ask for at least three proposals before awarding a contract. In a rebuke to current chairman Michael Steele, Priebus will fire the current staff of the 2012 convention and form a task force to audit its expenses. Finally, Priebus will appoint a new chief of staff, finance chairman, political director, communications director, and chairman of the redistricting committee.


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