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Priebus Speaks to the Press

Reince Priebus spoke to the press after winning the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee.

“First of all my name is Reince Priebus,” he joked, stressing the pronunciation of his name. “We need to build on the success we had in 2010,” he added.

Asked how serious the RNC debt is, priebus responded, “we’re looking at least $20 million in debt.” Despite those troubles Priebus thanked the other candidates, especially Michael Steele.Challenged on his experience, Priebus noted “Wisconsin is a target state.”

“We’re going to take the executive committee and they’re going to be the transition committee.” Asked how relevant the RNC is in the days of 527s, Priebus maintained the GOP would raise $400 million in the next cycle.Priebus then ran back into the Potomac ballroom to continue the RNC winter meeting.


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