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Ruedrich, Barbour Tussle over Priebus’s Fundraising Numbers

Yesterday, Dan Riehl reported that most of the money the Wisconsin GOP raised under Reince Priebus consisted of transfers from the Republican National Committee. Today, Randy Ruedrich, chairman of the Alaska GOP, sent an e-mail to members in confirmation of Riehl’s report. “Reince Priebus raised 60% of his money in the RNC headquarters,” Ruedrich, a supporter of Ann Wagner, writes.

Ruedrich also targets Priebus’s performance with major donors. “The RPW’s FEC report in line 11.a.i. shows $432,850 for 2010 which is less than the $577,419 in 2006,” Ruedrich notes. “Looks like Mr. Priebus lost ground with major donors also.”

Later, however, Henry Barbour, the committeeman from Mississippi and a backer of Priebus, sent an e-mail in defense of his candidate. Barbour admits his earlier description of the $14 million the Wisconsin GOP raised under Priebus as “personal contributions” was mistaken:

None of it was corporate money, which is the point I had hoped to make, but did not say it the right way.  As you know, state parties, particularly targeted states during election years, do receive funds as a result of participating in joint fundraising committees and transfers.  Some of the $14 million in WI – just as was the case in states like MO, MI, etc. – came from means such as this.  This does not change the truth that Reince has a track record of wearing out his telephone raising money and that the WI GOP brought in $14 million under Reince’s leadership, but these unhappy people will try to get you to believe I am trying to mislead folks.  Well, if you know me (and these folks don’t know me) you know that I tell the truth and don’t play games.


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