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Ryder Promotes Wagner’s Candidacy

John Ryder, the Republican national committeeman from Tennessee, sends a letter to the committee today to promote his favored contender, Ann Wagner. Noting the five candidates’ unanimity on policy and philosophy, Ryder argues the crucial distinction is process: How will the candidates bring the RNC back into the black?

Wagner, Ryder contends, is experienced. He points to the $284 million the committee raised in 2002 and the $392 million it raised in 2004 — both years when Wagner was co-chair. Moreover, Ryder thinks Wagner is prepared: “Her fundraising plan includes immediately convening past and present RNC Finance Chairmen to create a new ‘Team One-Twenty’ program for maxed out donors, new donor programs at the $10,000, $5,000 and 1,000 annual levels and a regionally-based finance committee who report to the RNC Finance Chairman and to the RNC Chairman.”

To conclude his case, Ryder points out that Wagner has “no ties to the current administration.”


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