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Steele Defends Funding for Territories

GOP chairman Michael Steele refuses to second-guess his decision to spend thousands of dollars on the U.S. territories’ elections. “The territories aren’t a part of the Republican party?” Steele asks The Weekly Standard’s John McCormack in a new interview. When McCormack suggests Steele should have concentrated more on congressional races — particularly those Republicans lost by only hundreds of votes — Steele argues hindsight is 20/20:

You couldn’t [identify] the 39 seats you were going to win a year ago. Okay? So put yourself a year ago. Don’t look at right now and ask that question.

The best line from the exchange, however, is Steele’s exasperated response to McCormack’s persistent interrogation: “We won 64 seats. So you wanted 65?”

“I think some Republicans would have wanted 65,” McCormack muses. Read the interview here.

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