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1. Multiple reports of Egypt’s business elite and other influentials fleeing in private jets. Three private jets left under heavy security — some speculations it could be Mubarak.

2. The army has surrounded the NDP headquarters — still burning — but has not clashed violently with protesters as the police had earlier.

3. Remember how everybody was reporting that Mubarak was to give a speech to the people? That was long ago — everyone has given up. It’s not clear whether his plans changed, or his plans were misreported from the start. Now, however, people are saying the speaker of the Egyptian parliament is planning to make an announcement soon.

4. It’s now almost midnight in Cairo, so events will likely slow over the coming hours, and pick up again when America is abed.

5. Military tanks have just cordoned off the American and British embassies in the Egyptian capital.

6. Everyone is saying the future of Egypt now hinges on whom the military chooses to side with.


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