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BREAKING: Mubarak Just Announced He Will Not Seek Reelection

I’ll try to get a transcript of Mubarak’s speech online ASAP. The basic gist: He will not seek reelection in the fall, he will not step down right now, right now Egyptians can choose between his temporary rule and chaos, he will use his remaining time in office to pursue constitutional reforms and ensure a peaceful transition of power, and he will die on the soil of Egypt and be judged by history. 

EDIT: Interesting to note, Mubarak said he was planning on not running for reelection anyway. Sour grapes?

EDIT: Protesters are evidently not satiated. They are shouting “We won’t go today, we won’t go tomorrow, we won’t go Friday.” This is getting only more interesting.

EDIT: Protesters are chanting “Leave! Leave!”  Mubarak may be right that he will die on the soil of Egypt.


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