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Journalists Arrested

There have been several rumors about a crackdown on journalists. Now have confirmation that several Washington Post correspondents were arrested. WaPo itself reports: 

3:24 p.m. EET / 10:24 a.m. EST


From our foreign editor Douglas Jehl:

We have heard from multiple witnesses that Leila Fadel, our Cairo bureau chief, and Linda Davidson, a photographer, were among two dozen journalists arrested this morning by the Egyptian Interior Ministry. We understand that they are safe but in custody and we have made urgent protests to Egyptian authorities in Cairo and Washington. We’ve advised the state department as well.

There are probably others, as well — more as they are confirmed.

UPDATE: From Lisa Desjardins of CNN: “LisaDCNN Lisa Desjardins #EGYPT JOURNALISTS: CNN hears Wash. Post, NY Times, Canada’s Globe & Mail reporters arrested; mobs clashed w/ CNN IBN, NPR, Time.”


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