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Netanyahu: “Which half will prevail?”

The Israeli PM gave a stirring, and warning, speech today, in which he warned that fallout from the uprisings in Egypt could destabilize the middle east for years. The Khaleej Times reports: 


Netanyahu told the Israeli parliament that there would be a battle in Egypt between those who favoured democracy and those who wanted to enforce an Iranian-style radical Islamist system.

“There are two worlds, two halves, two views — that of the free world and that of the radical world,” Netanyahu said. “Which one will prevail in Egypt? The answer is crucial to the future of Egypt, the future of the region and for us here in Israel.”

The Israeli premier, one of the few international leaders to back Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, said he was sure that if the forces of the free world prevailed in Egypt, they would also uphold the peace with Israel.

“But my friends we are not there yet,” Netanyahu said.

“It is possible that there will not be a resolution between these forces for a long time, there will be instability and uncertainty that continues for many years.”


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