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Re: Amanpour

I just got an e-mail that the video of Amanpour talking to ABC about her interview with Mubarak is not working anymore. Hopefully we’ll hear more from Amanpour tonight, but here’s what she’s said so far: 


I’ve just left the presidential palace in Cairo where I sat down for an exclusive 30-minute interview with President Hosni Mubarak. He told me that he is troubled by theviolence we have seen in Tahrir Square over the last few days but that his government is not responsible for it. Instead, he blamed the Muslim Brotherhood, a banned political party here in Egypt.

I asked President Mubarak about the violence that his supporters launched against the anti-government protesters in Liberation Square.

Tune in for a special one-hour “Nightline” with ABC News’ Christiane Amanpour reporting from Cairo TONIGHT at 11:35 p.m. ET. He told me, “I was very unhappy about yesterday. I do not want to see Egyptians fighting each other.”

I asked how he felt after giving the speech Monday night, saying he would not run for president again, and he told me he felt relief.

When I asked him what he thought seeing the people shouting insults about him and wanting him gone, he said, “I don’t care what people say about me. Right now I care about my country, I care about Egypt.”

The interview took place on day when the mood here is getting increasingly tense. This afternoon, my ABC News team and I left our offices in three cars and started a drive to the Presidential Palace.


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