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Rove: ‘White House Encouraging Anarchy in Wis.’

“When you have the Democratic National Committee and Organizing for America paying for buses, organizers and phone calls to encourage these kinds of rallies, we have in essence the White House encouraging anarchy in Wisconsin,” Karl Rove told Fox News host Megyn Kelly in an interview this afternoon.

“This is the action of a mob, and the president ought to use the moral authority of his office to tell people to chill out and stop,” said Rove. “It looks like he is engaging in activity designed to benefit his political allies at the expense of the taxpayers and families and schoolchildren of the state of Wisconsin.”

Rove also questioned whether it was “appropriate” for President Obama “to be encouraging teachers and state workers to fail to live up to their moral obligation, if not their legal obligation, to the taxpayers of the state to give them a fair day’s work for a fair day’s wage.”

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