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Scenes from Tahrir Square

There is absolute confusion in Cairo. It’s hard to make sense of the live feeds coming from Al Jazeera and Fox, but we can see army tanks circling around anti-Mubarak protesters in Tahrir square, sometimes firing red tracer bullets into the air in order to maintain order. Meanwhile, pro-Mubarak protesters are trying to enter Tahrir square themselves, leading to fights.

One Al Jazeera reporter is tweeting from the scene: 

Tahrir protesters open the barricade, allow men with metal shields to advance on pro-Mubarak crowd.

The Tahrir protesters are trying to slowly advance their shield wall, and a new battle has opened. Stone and molotov throwing.

This is medieval. The pro-Mubarak crowd has mounted several charges against the advancing Tahrirites, but they never get w/in 75 ft.

Protesters at museum now look like they outnumber the Mubarak supporters. They have formed a staggered wall of angled metal shields.

This APC seems to be aiding the protesters. It has fired shots into the air multiple times now and sits in the middle of pro-Mub crowd.


UPDATE: On video now — lots of Molotov cocktails are being lobbed in both directions, between two  walls of people lined up opposite each other in Tahrir square.


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