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Top Egyptian State-Media Exec Resigns

Thedailynewsegypt.com has the story:


Shahira Amin, deputy head of the state-owned English television channel, Nile TV, resigned Thursday in what describes as a “spur of the moment decision” after she heard the protesters in Tahrir Square chanting on her way to the Egyptian Radio and Television Union building.

“I can’t be a mouth-piece of this regime with what’s going on, there are people out there sacrificing their lives, if I do what they want me to do and be part of this propaganda machine I will be betraying them,” Amin told Daily News Egypt.

“The fact is that history is being made, I can’t, as a credible journalist, have my hands tied and prevented from covering what’s going in our backyard,” she explained, adding that it was “suffocating.”

Amin described the youth as inspirational. “They did something my generation didn’t do so we have to support them all the way.”

“I walked away with a clear conscience … no longer scared,” she said.

On Jan. 25, the first day of protests, Amin read on the air the Minister of Interior’s press statement that pointed fingers at the Muslim Brotherhood.

“It was a wake-up call… I never lied, how could I say that?” she said.


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