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U.S. Reaching Out to Opposition Groups

El Arabiya reports that U.S. ambassador to Egypt, Margaret Scobey, has spoken with ElBaredei as a part of a general effort to reach out to opposition groups. She has been reportedly telling such groups that the U.S. supports a transition, but will not dictate the terms thereof. 

Meanwhile, ElBaradei says he and his followers do not plan to enter into negotiations until after Mubarak has already stepped down. And they’ll keep protesting until that happens: 

“What I have heard (from protesters) is that they want this to end, if not today (Tuesday), then by Friday maximum,” said ElBaradei, adding that the Egyptians have marked Friday as “departure day.””I hope President Mubarak goes before this and leaves the country after 30 years of rule… I don’t think he wants to see more blood.”


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