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Destruction in Tripoli

This video purports to show wreckage in Tripoli after allied air strikes: 

Meanwhile, Qaddafi loyalists are claiming that 18 civilians were killed in the strikes: 


Eighteen Libyans killed by what officials say were Western air strikes and missile attacks in the capital Tripoli lay in a hospital morgue, some charred beyond recognition.

Reuters journalists given access to the morgue on Thursday saw the corpses of adult males on metal beds beneath green and white sheets. It was the first time foreign reporters in Tripoli were shown the bodies of alleged victims of the Western strikes.

The journalists were not shown bodies of women or children.

“They are civilians. They are not guilty of anything,” said morgue worker Abdel Salaam.

His associates, wearing surgical masks to ease the stench of death, rolled some bodies into numbered refrigeration units.


But there’s reason to doubt this account. Many doctors engaged in the online debate have claimed there would not be such a “stench of death” if indeed the bodies had perished in explosions only a few hours previous. It’s likelier that Qaddafi loyalists have pulled out the bodies of those killed by Qaddafi himself for propaganda purposes. 


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