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Horror as Qaddafi Loyalists Move on Benghazi

My colleague Dan Foster beat me to it over at the Corner

As he writes:

“Al-Jazeera English reports that pro-Qaddafi forces could be as close to 50km from Benghazi, putting him in a race with American, European, and Arab forces slated to enforce a cease-fire.

Meanwhile, al-Jazeera Arabic reports on the indiscriminate slaughter taking place as Qaddafi “tightens the noose.”

Telecommunications have been cut from Benghazi

Geminis and Sullog areas (approximately 50km south west of Benghazi) currently under heavy attack

Gaddafi has used the navy to deploy troops in Gargoora region to make headwayGaddafi’s troops have progressed 60km in 2 hours towards Benghazi

Reports that Gaddafi’s troops entered Misratah hospital today and killed the wounded

Reports of 1200 families fled Ajdabiya via Al Kufrah headed towards Qubbah and Tobruk

AlHurra Radio in Benghazi is calling on the Benghazi youth to take arms and prepare for battle

Residents in Ajdabiya, one of the areas from which the UN has ordered Qaddafi to withdraw, are reporting “horrors and massacres” over the past 24 hours.

Merciless killings that spared no one be they young or old, man or woman. Residential areas that housed peaceful families were heavily bombed with tanks and heavy artillery. The civilians were unarmed and were simply overwhelmed. Many have fled and are now near the Libyan-Egyptian border.”


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